Aquaponics - the coolest way to grow your own.

The Water Garden

Melanie Carr

The Water Garden

Aquaponics – what is it?

Aquaponics is an ancient sustainable method of farming which uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods. It combines hydroponics (growing plants in water) with aquaculture (raising aquatic animals). The water in an aquaponics system is a closed loop and it uses the fish to fertilise the plants and the plants to filter the water. A perfect and mutually beneficial relationship!

Traditional aquaponics systems are quite large and suitable for spacious backyards. They provide a place to grow an abundance of fruit and vegetables while raising your own fish. But there is no reason this system can’t be reproduced and scaled down to a compact unit.

Introducing: The Water Garden

This benchtop fish tank replicates the larger aquaponics systems and allows you to grow your own herbs and small plants in your home and providing a natural and beneficial environment for your gold fish. I LOVE the idea of this product. I love the fact that the plants grown in this unit will have amazing nutrients to aid their growth. I love that the fish have an environment that mimics their natural habitat. I mostly love that fact that this product is a wonderful teaching tool for children in sustainable farming methods, the need for living things to co-exist and it provides a visual aid to encourage discussions about ecosystems, nutrition, biology and botany.
This is one COOL product!! This would make an awesome (and educational) present for children – birthdays, Easter, Christmas. A gift that literally keeps on giving. 

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