Why is fresh produce listed as $0.01 in the online shop

Our fresh produce is listed with a price of $0.01 on our online shop. This is because the prices change weekly. Once the price is known your order will be adjusted and then be sent to you as an invoice.

Tell me about this Fruit & Veg mixed box model?

The offering is based on a “mixed box model”. Here is how it works!

Please place you orders via the online shop before Tuesday 7pm. In the early hours of Thursday morning our supplier will deliver our bulk order then we and repack into your mixed box. By early morning we will send out notification via Facebook members group to let you know your order is ready for pickup.

We use the mixed box model because it allows us to pass on great value though leveraging bulk buying, minimising waste and importantly minimising time and effort in the handling and administration. We believe if we can do these things right we can continue to offer great value to our members. It is also these reasons we are not able to offer "pick and choose" however feel free to top up your order from our “add ons” selection in our online shop.

What is the cost of a Fruit & Veg box?

We aim for Organic Fruit & Veg box price of between $80 - $100

What are payment terms?

Our payment terms are:

If your order includes fresh produce then your payment is not due until your invoice is issued on the pickup day (Monday). For all other orders you can pay before or on pickup. The following payment methods are available:

  • Bank deposit (preferred)
  • Cash on pickup
What are the Bank Account details?

Name:      Melanie Mieke Carr 

BSB:          704 865

Account:  02217483

Bank:        Qudos

Can I pick up?

We encourage same day pickup to ensure the produce stays fresh. We also encourage you to get in contact with others from the group who live in your area and team up with them to alternate box pickups


How can I view my past and present invoices via customer portal?

Your invoice can be viewed in the customer portal under My account 

Can I bring in family and friends into the online forum group?

The Green Abode is a “closed to the general public” group however we do welcome new members via a referral from an existing member. We recognise the value of having a well-connected, supportive community group that helps one another with pickups, drop offs, knowledge sharing and the like.

Joining someone you know is as easy as adding them to the Facebook group.  Please also notify Mel so when she receives the member request she can accept and welcome them to the group and provide them with information to get started.

If you join someone be sure to give them an overview on how the group operates and share your experiences with them.                                                                                                                   

Additional to joining the Facebook group a new member will also need to sign up to the online shop www.thegreenabode.com.au. Use the signup button to register.