Cockroach Trap (10 Pack) - LoLine Professional. Pesticides free

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Cockroach Trap (10 Pack) - LoLine Professional


These traps are an amazing and effective alternative to chemical laden cockroach baits and bombs. They are a sticky glue trap with a yeast-based pheromone attractant, which attracts and traps cockroaches and other crawling insects. Simply peel off the backing from the highly sticky base of the trap and drop one whole attractant tablet into the centre. ( No need to crush tablet). Assemble cardboard frame to form a little house like structure that the cockroaches can crawl into easily. The traps then  slide discretely under refrigerators, cupboards, ovens and furniture. Especially useful in the kitchen, but can be used in any room in the house. Manufactured in the UK, imported by an Australian owned company. They are free from any harmful pesticides and are non-toxic. Contents: 10 traps and 10 attractants