Naturally sourced food grade epsom salts - 1 kg

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Natural Epsom Salt - Food Grade

[Magnesium Sulphate]

It's as precious as 'ones first love', or 'finding a gem stone', or the 'rain after a drought'. ..ok, that might be an exaggeration, but it is Rare and it is Special.

Epsom Salt originated in Epsom, England where they mined natural deposits. That source has since depleted and so have most other natural deposits. Now most Epsom Salt is produced by a chemical process of mixing Magnesium and Sulphate compounds. Although this method is safe and can produce premium grades of Epsom Salt, it's hardly natural ! Most of us if given a choice would prefer a Natural product to a man-made product.

We agree - Natural is best ! We offer an Epsom Salt that is not only Natural, but also Food Grade ! And it's from Germany ! Available in two sizes -  1kg and 5kg.

Yes it is 100% Natural !  If a salt could be labelled organic, than this would be it!

It's Natural !  It's Premium Quality, and it's Food Grade !